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Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo (IĈLM)
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Infanoj kaj la mondo
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In Esperanto:

Charlotte KOHRS mortis   (2002)

Historio de IĈLM   (2003)
Historio de IĈLM   (2010)

In English & Esperanto: (some also in Spanish)

About the Organization Children Around the World
About the evolution of the Song of the colors
The Culture of Esperanto
Are You a World Citizen
Esperanto and World Citizenship
China, Fertile field to Teach Esperanto
Future of Education, 2013,  lecture.

            Books for children

Materials published by Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo
Catalog in Esperanto

These books are mostly written in Esperanto.
They are illustrated by children from many countries.
Some of them have instructions or vocabularies in English.

These books teach spoken Esperanto to children,
but they are good also for beginners.

By asking each other questions and answering them,
can children learn to converse in another language?
The answer is an unqualified "YES" when the language is Esperanto.

ABC en Esperanto   280mm x 216 x 30 pages.
Instructions in English.
Vocabulary with pronunciation and translation.
There is one page for each alphabet letter,
with a picture of something that starts with that letter.
Pictures can be colored.

ABC en Esperanto   2 full-screen pictures.
The first picture shows the 28 Esperanto letters with
a little picture for each letter: Aŭto, Balono, Citrono ...
The second picture shows the numbers from 1 to 10.

Amusing videos (animations) to learn Esperanto

Three Youtube videos:

    Video 1   77 minutes
(Please check that is starting from the beginning)

18 parts, 10 minutes each:

  Video 1  01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08
  2 and 3  09   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18

  Read the text  
of the 3 videos.

* * * * *

Esperanto, Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo

    16 lessons   28 minutes each.

See how they use Esperanto.
With actor from many countries. Seven hours and a half in total.

  You may buy   Pasporto   DVD version
  from Esperanto-USA.

    Dr. Zamenhof's  Illustrated Biography

    By John Hornby and Colin Andrew.

Flugu kun Petro   216mm x 140 x 12 pages.
"Fly with Peter", Instructions in English
Questions and answers.

La Bela Planedo   216mm x 140 x 20 pages.
"The Beautiful Planet"   Questions and answers.
Planets, people, animals, plants, countries and continents.
    en Esperanto - en Español - in English

Kantu Esperante   216mm x 140 x 24 pages.
"Sing in Esperanto"   Only in Esperanto.
12 songs with their scores, and sound (mp3).
12 lessons, exercises, related to each song.

Ni Esploru la Mondon!   216mm x 140 x 24 pages.
"Let's Explore the World"
Questions and answers about 8 countries.
One-page instructions in English and Esperanto.

Bonvenon Amiko!   216mm x 178 x 16 pages.
"Welcome, Friend"
Dialogs between children and aliens from other planet.
List of sentences with English translation and pronunciation.

Dek demandoj   280mm x 216 x 45 pages.
"Ten Questions"
Textbook for children 7 - 14 years old.
One-page instructions in English.
Questions and answers. 6 short songs with scores.
List of 47 countries with their capitals and languages.
11 activity pages in English.
Vocabulary Esperanto-English.

Ni Parolu Esperanton Kune   280mm x 216 x 48 pages.
"Let's Speak Esperanto Together"
16 elemental dialogs, conversations.
Bilingual Esperanto-English.

Dek Fabeloj   280mm x 216 x 36 pages.
"Ten Fables"
Each fable has a vocabulary Esperanto-English
and exercises.

La junaj detektivoj   8600 words, 48000 characters.
"The Young Detectives"
Story about smugglers. Easy reader without pictures.

Frazaro  ( htm )   (pdf   for printing)
List of about 100 common sentences in
English, Esperanto and Spanish.

About book sizes:
280mm x 216 = letter size. (USA)
216mm x 140 = half letter size.
216mm x 178 = half legal size.
Letter size = 11 x 8.5 inches. Legal size = 14 x 8.5 inches.

  Learn Esperanto     In Five Minutes a Day
  Written by Jeremy Aldrich.

Ruĝa pomo, Song of the Colors
in 15 big pictures for children, drawn by
Mar Cardenas. Easy to print PDF format.
Other version   with small partiture.  
Pri la evoluo de la Kanto de la Koloroj

The "Song of the Colors" in
      Rumonge, Burundi, Africa.

The Song of the Colors, sang by the students, same by beginners as intermediate level, in Rumonge, Burundi, Africa, on January 31, 2009, for the end of courses and farewell of Johan DERKS and Svetlana MILANOVIC.

There are more songs in the book
Kantu Esperante

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